See your Panther in Human Form

THE Morphing Stones

The Morphing Stones are the magical artifacts donated to the Onii by the humans.
If you want more background, we recommend you head over to
the lore.

We produced a limited edition NFT of the jewels that will be gifted to Primal Panthers, our OG supporters (for more info on how to become one join our
discord), and available for purchase to all the rest of the community.

How it works:
- You will be airdropped your stone NFT if you earned it, or you can always buy it yourself :)
- Interact your OG Panther NFT with your Morphing Stone
- Your morphing stone is burned
- You will receive an NFT of your Panther in human form + an AR powered 3D avatar of your humanized panther. (We are also attempting creating a single avatar that dynamically morphs from panther to human, however it is still work in progress)

Please Note: Each  Morphing stone can only be used once and will be burned upon use.